Tuesday, 23 March 2010


"i'm sorry i had a bad day again"

after the disastrous (by my standards) review yesterday, i managed to bite my tongue, put on my brightest smile and suck it up. i figure, hey if you wanna work slash survive in the fashion industry, you need to have thick skin. if one lousy review makes you want to run to the toilet and bawl, then you seriously need to toughen up.

then disaster strikes.
this is singlehandedly the worst thing to happen to me since... the last bad thing that happened to me. you could call this a major setback, more than major - this is tragic. titanic even.

i don't know how i can possibly blog right now when my life has just written a note to self: Y-O-U-A-R-E-SO-O-V-E-R.

my hp laptop defiantly refuses to turn on and the message 'operation system could not be found' came onto the screen. i was calm calm calm until one international phonecall later and my brother oh-so-calmly telling me that i might lose EVERYTHING - then i was hysterical. sobbing, weeping, wailing, crying - you name it, i was it. i briefly considered flinging myself out the window but i straightened up, pulled myself together and proceeded to check my external harddrive and USB for files i had backed up.

my mother was so worried she begged me not to do anything stupid. as if i would seriously throw myself out a 3rd storey window. that would probably just land me in the garbage dump, with a broken back/neck/leg/arm - even then, still not enough to rescue me from the hole i've just fallen into.

turns out i had backed up most of my work, save for the single most important piece of all - the freshly and laboriously transcribed interviews from milan. FML.

good news: laura's friend L might be able to help me tomorrow; he builds computers for a living and is microsoft-certified, so i've been told. even if he can't, i still have the actual interview files so i'll just have to re-transcribe at the speed of light. bad news: as if i need any more bad news!

lesson of the day: i should've learnt my lesson from carrie on SATC - ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR WORK! BACK UP BACK UP THEN BACK UP SOME MORE!

motto: who needs lemonade?! when life gives you lemons, have them with tequila!

at times like these, i wish i had a semi-charmed kinda life... (like some people i know)


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