Thursday, 25 March 2010

1. an exercise in writing

warming up.

i need inspiration. looking outside my window. it's raining. been raining since i woke up.

sometimes, one great photograph (edited, obviously) can say more than many good photographs ever could. similarly, sometimes a single word or well-phrased sentence can say more than a whole paragraph.

in some cases, when the photograph is good enough, words aren't even necessary. and vice versa.

note to self: i need a better camera. i've heard, there are cameras out there that make everything look amazing, you don't even need to be a decent photographer. sounds like the right camera for me!

tiny droplets of rain, decorate my window.
dot. dot. dot.
'raindrops keep falling on my head'
wish i could go outside and play
mum always made us shower after being caught in the rain
i don't get it
it's just water

it's stopped now.

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