Sunday, 4 April 2010

you would not believe how many people we bumped into today! i guess the american apparel sale drew every tom dick and harry to brick lane.

remember jonathan and dominique from milan? they're back in london! i think i gave them the shock of their lives by screaming out "dominique!" "jonathan!" (as if i was a long lost friend) and being met with blank looks from both of them. i can't fault them, i doubt they anticipated some random girl running up to them - in brick lane of all places - who also just so happens to know both their names. we chatted for a bit. lovely couple :) dominique is gorgeous!

then it was followed by the dreadlocked bartender from hoxton, the swedish hairdresser in black, the orange-y urban outfitters salesgirl etc etc.

btw i met a korean dude who is a family friend of choi siwon!! i admit, i was totally and completely unprofessional. read: squealing + jumping up and down. sorry, i just couldn't help it. i said that the next time he sees choi siwon, to tell him that i love him. hee hee!

plus one of our interviewees told us that THE facehunter himself was sighted along brick lane, outside of rough trade records. how cool is that? my goal is to be photographed by the sartorialist before i die.

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